Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stranded at the Drive In......Branded A Fool......

We had a 50s Style Party at Vicious Hypnoz on Tuesday Night. It had been a while since I picked up a fun dance floor for a party so when we saw this one, you know we just HAD to have it!
Cajsa and Gidge did not color coordinate on purpose, but they managed a pretty cute look regardless. I think they must have called each other! Lots of fun folks attended and HUGE thanks to Sable Heartsdale who created HULA HOOPS for the event and passed them out to everyone who was ready to give it a shot! Boopzee, a friend of Silo's twirled hers like a pro!
At first we had a slight problem that it would take off prim skirts and you know, we'd all dug up some extra CUTE prim skirst and did NOT want them coming off, but this was soon rectified by choosing a different attach point and the hula hooping got underway in earnest!
Sable you rule! Thanks SOOO much!

It was great to meet new friends like Lyuzaki Eel (pictured below) who came to hang out with us.

Also Ali Matova joined us and it was great to see her also! I hope you newcomers had a good time and that you'll come back to more events. We really enjoyed meeting all of you!

All in all it was a good night and it was a lot fo fun seeing what everyone wore.

Of course no 50s night is ever complete until Danny and Sandy show up, now is it?
At first we were in danger of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds not being represented but of course Gidge and Silo took care of that for us!

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